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interpreting simultaneous, consecutive

What is Interpreting?

Daniel Kruželák Ciferník21.01.2022 Reading time: 4 min.

Much like written translation, interpreting facilitates both intracultural and intercultural communication. People often confuse the two translation concepts, but the differences...

What is translation

What is Translation

Daniel Kruželák Ciferník19.11.2021 Reading time: 4 min.

Each day brims with countless interactions across various languages. Translation bridges us all together – languages, cultures, and people – yet few understand what it...

Data Encryption on computer

Online Security: Data Encryption

Simona Pralovska Ciferník29.10.2021 Reading time: 2 min.

Nearly all of us store sensitive information, documents, and client data on our computers that are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. In our series of...

the best apps for language learning

8 Best Language Learning Apps

Olena Micovčinová Ciferník23.07.2021 Reading time: 5 min.

People throughout history have never had as many opportunities to learn foreign languages at home as today. And by opportunities, we mean interesting ways to learn languages, not...

Antivíius software, online security

Online security: Antivirus software

Simona Pralovska Ciferník09.07.2021 Reading time: 2 min.

You might think you don’t need antivirus software because you’re already a careful internet-user. However, being careful isn’t enough. Today, the biggest threat comes from...