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Simultaneous interpreting

Our customers most frequently use simultaneous interpreting at conferences, congresses, public lectures and training sessions.

Simultaneous interpreting means the immediate and fluent interpreting of spoken words between two languages when interpreters work in booths using specialised interpreting equipment.

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About simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting can also be referred to as live interpreting because the spoken word is interpreted from one language into another almost without delay.

It is most frequently used at conferences, lectures, training sessions, and presentations. There are usually two interpreters present, and specialised equipment is used for each language pair.

Simultaneous interpreting is used for:

  • Conferences and workshops
  • Training sessions and presentations
  • State visits
  • Professional conferences
  • Business events


The most frequently employed interpreting languages are English and German.

We interpret into all European and non-European languages in combination with Slovak and Czech as well as between other languages.

Our interpreters

At Lexika we cooperate with top professionals in simultaneous interpreting in Slovakia.

Our interpreters are professionals with business ethics, experience in diplomatic protocol, and participation in important interpreting events in Slovakia and abroad.

The course of interpreting process

In simultaneous interpreting, there are usually two interpreters in a soundproof booth that provides a view of the speaker.

The interpreters can hear the speaker through their headphones, and they fluently interpret the speech to listeners, who receive the interpretation by wireless transmission to their receivers.

Interpreting equipment

Interpreting equipment is a set of specialised equipment used to provide simultaneous interpreting.

Why are there two interpreters per booth?

Simultaneous interpreting is a psychologically and physically demanding activity that must be performed by two interpreters at the same time.

One of them always interprets; the other one follows the content of the speech as well as the interpretation and is ready to stand in for his colleague in an emergency, or after the usual 15–20 minutes of continuous interpreting.

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