Simona Pralovska

Simona Pralovska

Vendor manager
I began my journey at LEXIKA during my university days in 2017. LEXIKA, the people that form part of it, and the translation industry have grown on me since then. One of the day-to-day challenges I have to face is finding new talented translators. Furthermore, I take care of developing good and open relationships with our long-standing translators who make it possible for us to do what we love. Over time, I was put in charge of marketing activities and internal HR. I don’t have to worry about my job turning into a daily grind and I learn something new every day. ?

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how to learn a new language from home

8 techniques for learning a new language at home

  • Simona Pralovska
  • Ciferník06.10.2020
  • Reading time: 4 min.

Without any doubt, your qualifications and value in the labour market increase if you can communicate in a foreign language. Intensive courses led by excellent teachers will...

Lexika Zero-waste office – the first changes!

Zero-waste office – the first changes!

  • Simona Pralovska
  • Ciferník07.02.2020
  • Reading time: 3 min.

A few weeks have gone by since the most recent workshop on the zero-waste office project and the third one will be here soon. But meanwhile, we have to do our “homework”....

Lexika - greener christmas gift

How we replaced Christmas cards with a greener version

  • Simona Pralovska
  • Ciferník30.01.2020
  • Reading time: 1 min.

Every year, just like many other companies, we rack our brains over what to give our clients to thank them for their year-long cooperation. At this time of year, cards and little...

Lexika Zero-waste office - lets go

Zero-waste office – let’s go!

  • Simona Pralovska
  • Ciferník10.12.2019
  • Reading time: 3 min.

Eva and I started this project with great enthusiasm and motivation. At the very beginning of the introductory lecture, we were told it was not going to be easy. That didn’t put...