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Service details

At Lexika we offer daily translation and interpreting into English, German and Hungarian, but we have also provided translations into Chinese, Pashto and Swahili.

We excel in legal, financial, medical and technical translations. Since 1993 we have gained sufficient experience in a number of other fields as well.

We will translate your texts in PDF, MS Word, Adobe InDesign, XML or XLIFF formats. We can handle a number of file formats.

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Fields of expertise

Our strength is our translation of legal, financial and auditing texts as well as technical translation.

In technical fields, we have excellent results in the automotive industry, engineering, energy and construction. Read more...

Delivery date

Our experience and our large number of translators guarantee that we can also meet our customers’ requests for express and high-volume translations.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools

Translation tools make the translation process more efficient and of better quality thanks to consistently used terminology, and they allow you to lower your translation costs to a certain extent. Read more...

File formats

Technical texts are translated in all the usual software formats, including DTP and other specialised formats. Read more...


We translate in all languages combinations. Most frequently we translate from foreign languages into Slovak and Czech as well as into regional and world languages.

Our translation services cover more than 300 language combinations. Read more...

Standard formats

Content typeFile format
Documentsdoc, docx, rtf, odt, dot, dotm
Tablesxls, xlsx, xlsm, csv
Presentationppt, pptx, pps, pptm
Process flowchartsvso, vsd
Audio and videomp3, avi, wav, mpeg
Image filesindd, idml, psd, ai, tiff, bmp
Webhtml, htmlx, phtml, xml, xliff
CAT filesxliff, sdlxliff, mqxliff, ttx, po

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