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Localisation of software and apps

Better user experience thanks to professional localisation

We all depend on software, whether it’s in the workplace or our personal life. This is why localising both software and products is essential for successfully conducting a business in the world markets.

Native speakers will guarantee that your software is perfectly adapted to local conventions. Moreover, abbreviations, icons, date and time formats and other user settings will be aligned with the requirements of the given country.

Functionality tests

Translators localising software don't usually see how the individual strings display in the final version. Therefore, software and app localisation should include testing.

Every text will be edited to fit into buttons and control elements. Also, we will ensure that they are displayed properly. Thorough testing guarantees identical functionality in both the source and target languages.

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Advanced technologies

Translating advanced software requires advanced technologies. In turn, localisation is comprised of several interconnected processes and multiple software updates after hitting the market.

Process automation can substantially reduce human failures, utilise resources more efficiently and minimise costs.

Renowned specialists

To provide you with high-quality software and app translations, we will build a custom team of specialists for you who have years of experience in the information technology field.

We will also bring in native speakers to make sure that the translated software is perfectly understandable for users.

Comprehensive services in one place

Want to make your software or app accessible in multiple countries? No problem. Simply tell us the languages you need and we’ll handle the rest.

In addition to translating software, we’ll also translate user guides, manuals, instructional videos and assistants. For easier user orientation, we’ll ensure that all subsequent documents use identical terminology.

Tailor-made solutions

First, we analyse texts to be translated. Then, working together with you, we choose the optimal solution and agree on a delivery date that suits your needs.

As well, we will create a translation memory for you and ensure that the same translating team works on subsequent update translations. This guarantees uniform terminology and style in every version of the software and its accompanying documentation.

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