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Managing Quality in Translation Agency

Olena Micovčinová Ciferník28.06.2022 For Customers Reading time: 2 min.
translation quality in translation agency

“We provide high-quality translations.” “We guarantee the quality of our translations.“ “Our translation services are top-notch.” How many times have you read such statements?

“High-quality translations” are provided by nearly every translation agency. And we won´t lie: we’re equally guilty of using similar language on our web page. But what’s important for you — as a customer — is picking out the agencies that are serious about quality.

You can identify a professional Translation Agency based on some fundamental points. In this article we´ll divulge the specific steps taken at Lexika to ensure you receive high-quality translations.

Establishing the quality of your translation begins before you assign it to us

While we often hear that translating is easy and possible for anyone with command of a foreign language, this statement is far from the truth. Incorrectly translated words are often the heart of contention. Without high-quality translators, there is no high-quality translation.

That´s why we take extra care when selecting our translators. In order to assign a translator to a difficult project, they must first undergo a demanding selection process consisting of several steps. The selection and testing of new Lexika translators is covered by our specialized Vendor Management department. However, evaluating translator quality doesn´t end there. Their work is continually evaluated during our entire cooperation, and they regularly receive feedback.

Managing translation quality in ordering process

As soon as we receive your source text, the analysis begins. Before we can send the price proposal, we must ensure that we have the right translators for the requested language combination and field. We never promise what we can´t deliver.

Next, we find out what you plan to do with the translation afterward. You might find it strange when the project managers ask you about the translation purpose. But it is an essential factor for providing you with an optimal translation. Did you pause when I used “optimal” instead of “highest”? Let me explain. There are situations when tip-top ranslation with double proofreading is unnecessary. You might just need to understand the text. Therefore, we’ll never offer services that you don’t need. On the contrary, if you plan to publish the translation, we´ll suggest a service package tailored to your needs.

Managing quality in the translation process

Everything is agreed upon, the questions have been answered, and we are about to start translating your texts. But first, we´ll process them technically. In other words, we’ll format and prepare them for translation in translation software. This will help us adhere to uniform terminology throughout the translation. Moreover, this will prepare us for your future translations. If you need us to translate a similar text in the future, we can utilize the same terminology. Therefore, your corporate communication will be consistent from end to end. It will also help you save money.

When the basic translation is complete, we continue with revision or proofreading (if this service was ordered).

Managing translation quality before delivery

We´re nearly finished. Prior to delivery, the translation undergoes internal quality assurance. This check-through ensures that the translation is complete, there are no typos, and every number, name, and date is translated correctly. If you plan on printing the translation, we’ll precisely prepare the graphics according to your ideas.

Have any questions regarding translation quality? Want us to suggest the best services combination for your translation? Feel free to contact us, we’re happy to help. 

Olena Micovčinová
Olena Micovčinová
Project manager

After graduating, I did not have a clear idea of what to do next. But what I knew was that I wanted to go to work with a smile on my face and do something that would make me happy. All my job expectations were met after joining LEXIKA in 2016. I work as a project manager and my day-to-day duties include overseeing specialized translations, interpreting projects, and occasionally even certified translations. I am constantly in touch with our translators, our clients, and other translation companies thanks to which my work is always dynamic and interesting.

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