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In Lexika, we work in compliance with the international standard ISO 17100 on quality requirements for translation services.

Available positions

Languages: EN/DE <> SK/CS
Area: law, finance, technology, medical equipment, chemistry, IT, marketing

Languages: EN–EN, DE–DE
Area: law, finance, technology, medical equipment, chemistry, IT, marketing

Required qualification

  • Specialisation
  • Level C2 translation competence
  • University education + 2 years of proven translation experience
  • Secondary education + 5 years of proven translation experience

Other requirements

  • Trade license
  • CAT tools competence or wilingness to learn

If you meet our requirements, register (UK English) or send an email to

The translator selection process

Register at our vendor portal, answer a few questions and upload your education records and certificates.

Our vendor manager will then consider your offer and contact you.

The selection process also includes a test translation and the signing of a confidentiality and cooperation agreement.

The benefits of working with us

  • The support of a steady company.
  • A partnership approach to suppliers.
  • Supplier support and training.
  • Support and training in using CAT tools.
  • Reliable payment for delivered work.

Requirements for translators and proofreaders

A professional qualification as a translator or interpreter. Sufficient experience supported by references.

We prefer translators who actively use CAT tools, but we will provide you with appropriate documentation and support to work with our tools.

Our requirements concerning language skills and the translators' and interpreters' approach reflect the high standard of the provided services.