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First impressions are essential.

Proofreading hones your text to perfection. Nothing will prevent the right customers from finding you.

We can proofread your translation, whether it has been done by us or someone else. Simply select one of our proofreading offers and request a quote. We’ll reply within 30 minutes.

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What does proofreading add to a text?

  • Double-check by fresh eyes
  • Minimization of issues
  • Natural sounding text
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We offer the following proofreading types

We fine-tune your regular, technical and marketing texts. Our proofreading services apply to various languages.

All proofreading types can be ordered as a bundle with translation, or as a standalone service.


The proofreader’s goal is to improve the grammar, style and readability of the text.

They will only work with the output text (translation), adhering to its form within reason.

Suitable for: text designed for publication, including brochures, leaflets, websites, speeches, presentations etc.

Transcreation (stylistic proofreading)

Stylistic proofreading, in addition to spelling and grammar checks, edits the text more creatively to better connect with the target audience. The emphasis is placed on how the text affects the reader. At its core, transcreation preserves the original idea, while changing the form significantly so that it reads as naturally as possible.

Suitable for: marketing/advertising texts, websites, slogans, blogs, newsletters, social media posts etc.

Revision (comparative proofreading)

The revisor compares the translated text to the original. They focus on its completeness, accuracy, terminology used and grammar (this is not to improve upon a low-quality translation). The revised translation complies with the ISO 17100 requirements.

Suitable for: instruction guides, contracts, product descriptions, financial statements, audit reports etc.

Pre-press proofreading

Final proofreading prior to print will remove errors stemming from formatting and text wrapping (in DTP software) into print format. This corrects typos, incorrect word breaks at the end of the line, text anchoring, undeleted original text, incorrectly parsed text etc.

Suitable for: text designed for printing, including brochures, leaflets, catalogues, magazines etc.

A native speaker with attention to detail

The language of your text isn’t a problem. We have the right people for the job. Our proofreading is always conducted by a professional proofreader who is also a native speaker of the target language. As well, we consider the field of expertise when choosing an appropriate proofreader for you.

Proofreading is more than just fixing commas

The proofreader utilises appropriate style (suitable terms and language constructions), grammar (typos, commas, punctuation) and spelling. Moreover, the proofreader ensures the overall coherence and readability of the text.

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