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Professional translation

Translation services are our most frequently requested service

  • We cover over 70 different fields, using experts to ensure accurate subject knowledge and specialist vocabulary.
  • We translate a range of key document types.
  • Cutting-edge translation software ensures precision and exceptionally efficient service.
  • We cover every world language so no market need ever be beyond your reach.

What makes Lexika the right choice for you?

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, courteous service and above all, efficiency.

You are our number one priority, so you can confidently leave all your linguistic needs in the hands of a team with decades of experience. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on running your business – leave the rest to us.

Join our ever-growing list of clients today and enjoy the same personal service we have been providing since 1993.


Are you interested?

Which languages do we offer?

We deal with an extensive range of world languages for translation in both directions and specialise in Eastern and Central European languages.

Click here for a comprehensive list to see how we can meet your needs.

Which file formats can we work with?

Need a document, article, presentation or even video translated?

We can process all major file formats, such as: MS Office files, image file formats and multimedia formats.

How quickly can we deliver?

We strive to always be flexible and available to meet our clients‘ needs and to exceed expectations. We process your requests promptly and offer a quick turnaround.

Speed and quality are paramount to us – that’s why we have expert teams of translators and proofreaders dedicated to urgent and large-volume translations, shortening the turnaround time so you never miss an important deadline.

How does ordering work?

Working with us is simple, with complete transparency at every step.

When you place your first order, you sign an initial contract or framework agreement to get started. From then on, you can simply order through our handy online interface or via email.

How does our pricing work?

At Lexika, we keep our pricing competitive whilst maintaining a high level of service.

When determining pricing, we take several factors into consideration, including quality, the aim of the translation and turnaround time.

We value our clientele’s loyalty, which is why we are glad to offer exclusive reductions for repeat clients, keeping your costs down and quality consistent.

How do we deal with graphic and DTP requests?

Translating a document is by no means just a matter of text.

Our graphic designers ensure that translated texts are correctly formatted and positioned with all images, logos and graphics intact, seamlessly maintaining your style across different markets. Target readers always receive a coherent text which preserves your original layout, avoiding any crossed wires.

Do you need a translation?

Leave us a message with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote