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germanic languages

Germanic Languages Are More Than Just German

Dominik Parajka Ciferník20.09.2022 Obláčik0

Germanic languages belong within the most popular language family in the world. What languages belong in this branch, what makes them special and what should you know about...

Strangest Languages in the World

10 Strangest Languages in the World

Dominik Parajka Ciferník11.08.2022 Obláčik0

Did you know that linguists currently register over 7,100 languages spoken worldwide? Some are spread around the globe, and some are only used by small pockets of people. The...

how to find legal translator

Finding the Right Translator for Legal Documents

Eva Dinušová Ciferník27.04.2022 Obláčik0

Should you hire someone with a translation degree and a minor in law, or a lawyer who has passed a foreign-language state exam? Both choices are justifiable. But above all you...