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Counting characters, words, and standard pages has never been easier!

Our free online counter tool shows you the character count, word count, sentence count, and standard page count of your text for translation. Simply copy your text into the field below and click Count to discover the number of different elements.

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What is a standard page?

Standard page (abbrev. SP) means a standardized page containing 1,800 characters (including spaces). The constant 1,800 is defined by the ISO 690 standard.

Standard page in practice: In English, one SP corresponds to approx. 250 words, though the number of words can vary depending on the language or content.

The SP concept is used to determine the length of a text or a document. It is particularly useful in translations, translation revisions, proofreading, or copywriting.

Simply divide the number of characters (including spaces) in your text by 1,800 to determine the SP count.

Read more about the standard page concept.


How do you count characters and words in Microsoft Word?

In MS Word, determine the length of a text quickly and easily by following these steps:

  1. Open your document (or highlight a part of the text that you want to count).
  2. In the Review tab at the top of the page, click on the Word Count icon in the Proofing section.
  3. A window containing statistics will open. Divide the number of characters (including spaces) by 1,800 to obtain the number of standard pages in your text or highlighted section of text.

Number of words in Microsoft Word

How much does it cost to translate one page?

The price of a translation is usually determined by the length of a translated text, which may differ from the length of a source text.

Moreover, the price of a translation usually depends on the delivery date and language combination. Translations to English and German tend to be slightly cheaper than translations to less commonly-used languages.

Request a price calculation for your translation.