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Interpretation equipment

We will provide the delivery and professional operation of the interpretation and conference equipment for various events.

In addition to interpreting services, Lexika has over 25 years of experience in the rental, delivery and operation of interpretation and conference equipment.

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For more information on interpretation and conference equipment, rental and arrangement, please contact our project managers who will:

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  • Suggest optimal solution.
  • Prepare a quote.

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Interpretation and conference equipment

Professional and reliable interpretation equipment is a necessary requirement for high-quality interpreting.

We will take care of the rental of premises and provide high-quality sound, lighting, interpretation and conference equipment for your event.

Our offer includes

  • Interpretation booths and the related equipment
  • Receivers for listeners
  • Sound system and microphones
  • Portable interpretation equipment
  • Projectors, screens and lighting
  • Audio and video recording, and photography services

Interpretation equipment

Interpretation equipment includes specialised equipment that facilitates sound transmission from the speaker to the interpreters, and then from the interpreters to the listeners, as well as its control as needed by the interpreters.

The quality of the equipment we use will ensure clear sound and excellent hearing of both the speaker and the interpreted content without disruptive noises and effects.

The combination/setup/configuration of the interpretation equipment is always tailored to the event, and the equipment rental includes transport to the venue, assembly, operation and professional supervision throughout the event.

Interpretation booth

Simultaneous interpreting directly depends on a high-quality soundproof and well-equipped interpretation booth which is certified to the ISO 4043 standard for two or more interpreters.

As a rule, there is one booth for two interpreters. If you plan interpreting between several languages, it is advisable to choose premises where a sufficient number of booths can be installed. Booth rental includes transport and booth assembly at the venue.

Points to consider before an event

Before choosing the venue, we recommend that you consider a few important aspects in terms of adequate interpretation equipment.
Consider at least the following aspects:

  • Accessibility of the premises – Equipment installation and dismantling may take 2–3 hours depending on the range of provided equipment
  • The installation of an interpreting booth – Ideally, interpreters should have a clear view of the stage and speaker
  • Room size – the size of an interpreting booth for two interpreters is 160 x 160 x 320 cm
  • The existing equipment and the possibility to connect it to interpretation equipment
  • Available power supply
  • Space acoustics

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