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Meet Central Europe conference 2022

Meet Central Europe Conference 2022

Eva Dinušová Ciferník26.10.2022 Obláčik0

In the middle of October, a three-day-long Meet Central Europe Conference 2022 (MCE) took place at the X-Bionic Sphere resort in Šamorín near Bratislava, Slovakia. MCE is a...

Lexika Zero-waste office – the first changes!

Zero-waste office – the first changes!

Simona Pralovska Ciferník07.02.2020 Obláčik0

A few weeks have gone by since the most recent workshop on the zero-waste office project and the third one will be here soon. But meanwhile, we have to do our “homework”....

Lexika Zero-waste office - lets go

Zero-waste office – let’s go!

Simona Pralovska Ciferník10.12.2019 Obláčik0

Eva and I started this project with great enthusiasm and motivation. At the very beginning of the introductory lecture, we were told it was not going to be easy. That didn’t put...

Lexika - zero-waste office

Zero-waste office – we’re in!

Simona Pralovska Ciferník18.11.2019 Obláčik0

“We’re in!” shouted my colleague Eva enthusiastically from the opposite desk. “I’ll tell you in a minute,” said she and left our office... After the longest 3...

Man working on a technical documentation

Top-quality technical translations at Lexika

LEXIKA Ciferník22.11.2018 Obláčik0

LEXIKA is now a member of tekom Europe e.V., the world’s largest professional association for technical communication, connecting approximately 9,000 experts in this and...