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Types of translation services

Types of Translation Services

Daniel Kráľ Ciferník15.04.2021 Reading time: 7 min.

Even in these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, globalization, international trade, travel and the internet mean that the whole world remains at your fingertips. However,...

How to translate marketing text

Translating marketing texts

Stanislava Dengová Ciferník14.01.2021 Reading time: 2 min.

Do you remember how you wrote content for your company website or tried to create product descriptions? The public rarely sees version 1.0. Often, hours or sometimes even days of...

translations are important all around the world

The importance of translation

Michal Šimurka Ciferník20.11.2020 Reading time: 5 min.

The concept of translation and its importance can be somewhat hazy. After all, nearly everyone speaks English in this day and age. What needs to be said or written can be done in...