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the best apps for language learning

8 Best Language Learning Apps

Olena Micovčinová Ciferník23.07.2021 Reading time: 5 min.

People throughout history have never had as many opportunities to learn foreign languages at home as today. And by opportunities, we mean interesting ways to learn languages, not...

Antivíius software, online security

Online security: Antivirus software

Simona Pralovska Ciferník09.07.2021 Reading time: 2 min.

You might think you don’t need antivirus software because you’re already a careful internet-user. However, being careful isn’t enough. Today, the biggest threat comes from...

types of interpreting

Understanding the Types of Interpreting

Daniel Kráľ Ciferník16.06.2021 Reading time: 5 min.

When trying to get your meaning across in a language other than your own, sometimes simply employing a translation service is enough. For instance, when all you need to worry...

CV checklist for translators

CV checklist for translators

Simona Pralovska Ciferník28.04.2021 Reading time: 5 min.

Translators’ CVs have become my daily bread. I look at their visuals, read their contents, find the relevant information, and consult their authors to add any missing...

Types of translation services

Types of Translation Services

Daniel Kráľ Ciferník15.04.2021 Reading time: 7 min.

Even in these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, globalization, international trade, travel and the internet mean that the whole world remains at your fingertips. However,...