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Legal translation services

Legal translation is one of our specialist fields, particularly business and labour law, and we regularly translate contracts, employment documents, merger and acquisition documents and other legal documents.

We also offer certified document translation services.

What is legal translation

Legal translation is to transfer the meaning of legal document from one (source) language to another (target) language.

Legal translations are exact, non-emotional, and unambiguous where every nuance matters. They require use of proper terminology, and also of specific style and grammar.

Data security

Security is paramount at Lexika and we take your confidentiality very seriously. That’s why all of our staff and translators are bound by NDAs and we only use secure methods of data transfer when dealing with your sensitive information.

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Why work with us?

We use state-of-the-art translation technology to ensure consistency and speed whilst reducing the cost to you. We offer watertight data protection, both in our software and our translation professionals, to keep your sensitive information safe.

Translation quality

We comply with the ISO 17100 international translation standard. Our quality management system is certified to meet the ISO 9001 standard – this is regularly audited by TÜV SÜD Slovakia. We take great care to ensure that every translation we produce is accurate and up to our clients‘ high expectations.

Our most frequently translated legal documents

Which legal fields do we cover?

Our most popular field is business law, and we frequently translate contracts, agreements, business legislation and analyses.

Rest assured that we use the same meticulous approach for single contracts and the high-volume transactional and tender documents we have been translating for years.

Legal terminology

Many of our qualified legal translators are practising lawyer-linguists who are well-versed in the legal jargon they deal with.

At Lexika, we carefully select the right translator for your project according to their experience in the relevant legal field, so you can be sure that they are up to date with the correct terminology.

How does pricing work for legal texts?

Specialised translation is all in a day’s work for us, so we never charge a premium to translate legal texts. Though a layman might think a text highly technical, our translators are no strangers to legal texts and treat them as standard.

Which languages do we offer?

Slovak and other CEE languages are our main working languages for legal text translation, but we are also happy to offer a variety of global language pairs for your project. Click here for a comprehensive list to see how we can meet your needs.

Do you need a legal translation?

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