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interpreting simultaneous, consecutive

What is Interpreting?

Daniel Kruželák Ciferník21.01.2022 Obláčik0

Much like written translation, interpreting facilitates both intracultural and intercultural communication. People often confuse the two translation concepts, but the differences...

What is translation

What is Translation

Daniel Kruželák Ciferník19.11.2021 Obláčik0

Each day brims with countless interactions across various languages. Translation bridges us all together – languages, cultures, and people – yet few understand what it...

Types of Translation Techniques and Methods

Types of Translation Techniques and Methods

Daniel Kráľ Ciferník17.09.2021 Obláčik5

As discussed in the previous article, translation is a highly versatile professional field. Translators are language experts who often specialize in a specific field, such as law...

types of interpreting

Understanding the Types of Interpreting

Daniel Kráľ Ciferník16.06.2021 Obláčik0

When trying to get your meaning across in a language other than your own, sometimes simply employing a translation service is enough. For instance, when all you need to worry...

Types of translation services

Types of Translation Services

Daniel Kráľ Ciferník15.04.2021 Obláčik0

Even in these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, globalization, international trade, travel and the internet mean that the whole world remains at your fingertips. However,...

The History of Translation Through the Ages

The history of translation through the ages

Michal Šimurka Ciferník09.02.2021 Obláčik0

Much like many other massive worldwide phenomena, translation is inextricably linked to its history. It stands for us to marvel at, but also to learn from its mistakes. And...

How to translate marketing text

Translating marketing texts

Stanislava Dengová Ciferník14.01.2021 Obláčik0

Do you remember how you wrote content for your company website or tried to create product descriptions? The public rarely sees version 1.0. Often, hours or sometimes even days of...

translations are important all around the world

The importance of translation

Michal Šimurka Ciferník20.11.2020 Obláčik2

The concept of translation and its importance can be somewhat hazy. After all, nearly everyone speaks English in this day and age. What needs to be said or written can be done in...

evolution of prehistoric woman to woman sitting behind a computer

Evolution of translating

LEXIKA Ciferník27.09.2018 Obláčik1

In the beginning was the Word... And that Word had to be later translated into another language. We wouldn’t know about many things, about the evolution of civilization and our...

Hands holding the globe

Mistranslations and How They Changed the World

LEXIKA Ciferník19.07.2018 Obláčik0

One can find an endless number of examples showing what may happen when a translation is done by an amateur. And it is not only today that such a translation can be stumbled...