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Website localisation

We can translate your website into your customer’s language

High-quality website translation or localisation ensures that visitors can’t tell that they opened the website of a foreign company. The localisation process makes the website look more natural and trustworthy to its users, thereby bringing in more conversions.

Native speakers for perfect understanding

Perfect localisation requires a thorough understanding of local market details and local language conventions. This is why we work with native speakers from a given country who can adapt translation to a local culture and flawlessly fine-tune your texts.

Money-saving technologies

When translating websites, we only utilize cutting-edge technologies, such as the most recent translation software (CAT tools). We can create an individual translation memory for you, ensuring uniform terminology across all of your texts and their subsequent updates. Furthermore, you won’t pay twice for the translation of the same text.

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Tailor-made solutions

We will discuss with you and agree on the most suitable realisation for your website.

CMS Connection

You can directly connect our management system to your systems for content management (CMS).

This automation guarantees a more efficient process overall.

Suitable for: e-shops, frequently updated websites, multilingual websites.

Translation of coded content

Web content (in the form of code) is exported in the xml or html formats. Only the text is translated, while the code remains unaltered.

Then, the translated files are imported into a new language version.

Suitable for: websites with the same structure in every language.

Text copying

The text is manually copied, into Microsoft Word for example, then after it’s translated it gets inserted again into a corresponding language version. This process is more labour-intensive, but it doesn't require any special technologies.

Suitable for: less complicated and smaller-scale websites.

Comprehensive services under one roof

In addition to the translation, we also test your website before its published. This way you can rest assured that all of your texts will be positioned correctly, both logically and visually.

And that's not all: we’re happy to translate your PPC campaigns, newsletters, social network communication or any other content intended for your website.

If needed, we will also provide keyword research for SEO purposes.

Various fields, multiple languages

Whether your business focuses on engineering, construction, tourism or you run an e-shop, your texts will be handled with care by the best specialists in the given field. We pride ourselves on working with translators specialising in over 120 fields.

Need a translation into more than one language? Leave it to us! We provide translations from/into major European and world languages.

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