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On our blog, you will find tips and useful information about specialised translation, terminology, foreign languages and their countries.

Cat sitting on a laptop

What you should know before deciding on a CAT tool

Denisa Kytová Ciferník17.05.2019 Obláčik0

Have you ever been looking for a term that you already translated, but you could not find it anywhere? Would you like to organize your translations database better and work more...

Thinking woman, hand with thumbs up and down

Translating with CAT tools – YES or NO?

Darina Časárová Ciferník27.03.2019 Obláčik0

Whether you are an experienced translator or you just started, the idea of working with CAT tools has surely crossed your mind. You’re asking yourself: Will it really help me?...

Translator reading a book in his computer

Online Terminology Dictionaries for Translators

Denisa Kytová Ciferník27.02.2019 Obláčik0

From a linguistic point of view, every specialised text has specific characteristics beginning with vocabulary and ending with the stylistics. When translating specialised texts,...

Russian translator Nadezdha

A cup of coffee with our Russian translator

Lexika Ciferník23.09.2015 Obláčik0

Russian is the eighth most commonly spoken language in the world. It is used by nearly 180 million people and is the most common mother tongue in Eurasia. You can make yourself...