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Case studies

Discover the backstage of project management and learn how we help clients investigate new opportunities for utilising language services.

Kickresume_case study web and online portal localisation


How native-sounding content brought new users from Europe to an online portal

How to create attractive content in a foreign language that’s sure to win over new customers? Leave it to us.


A team of experts at the ready, or how to accomplish patent translations

Diverse and intensely specialised texts in 6 language pairs. Hundreds of standard pages per month. No margins for lateness or errors. Can we do it? Yes, we can.

patent translation

software localisation


Better B2B segment services thanks to quality software localisation

Software localisation is a complex process requiring customised solutions. For each piece of software, various parts are translated that must be user-friendly throughout. What is the key to achieving this?


Certified translation in over your head?

Over 500 files of documents in both electronic and printed formats intended for certified translation. How can they be sorted, systematised and all in a single week?

certified translation