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Eva Dinušová

Vendor manager
Languages have been part of my life since I moved to Vienna with my family as a little girl. This journey made me realize I wanted to study translation, but I was longing to return home to Slovakia. By a lucky chance I was offered to work at a translation company – albeit not as a translator :). Since 2011, I have worked at different positions at LEXIKA, I began working at front desk, later as a project manager and after two years of maternity leave, I took up the newly created position of vendor manager. We went on to shape and improve this position and today it works perfectly and is an irreplaceable part of LEXIKA. Together with Simona we make sure that we have experienced translators available – we address new ones and maintain good relationships with our long-serving translators. In addition to my usual duties, I am also in charge of student programmes.

Newest posts

What Does It Take to Become a Good Translator

What Does It Take to Become a Good Translator?

  • Eva Dinušová
  • Ciferník25.11.2022
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Do you enjoy learning foreign languages and analysing texts? Want to become a professional translator? If you answered “yes”, then you have all your bases covered! This...

Meet Central Europe conference 2022

Meet Central Europe Conference 2022

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  • Ciferník26.10.2022
  • Reading time: 3 min.

In the middle of October, a three-day-long Meet Central Europe Conference 2022 (MCE) took place at the X-Bionic Sphere resort in Šamorín near Bratislava, Slovakia. MCE is a...

how to find legal translator

Finding the Right Translator for Legal Documents

  • Eva Dinušová
  • Ciferník27.04.2022
  • Reading time: 3 min.

Should you hire someone with a translation degree and a minor in law, or a lawyer who has passed a foreign-language state exam? Both choices are justifiable. But above all you...