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Top-quality technical translations at Lexika

Michal Kmeť Ciferník22.11.2018 About Lexika Reading time: 1 min.
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LEXIKA is now a member of tekom Europe e.V., the world’s largest professional association for technical communication, connecting approximately 9,000 experts in this and related fields.

Support for multilingualism and technical translations are directly linked to the field of technical communication.

LEXIKA’s membership in tekom Europe gives us faster access to information from the technical field, which is closely connected with the provision of translation services. Our customers will also explicitly profit from this, in the form of a wider range of high-quality services.

What is the technical communication?

Technical communication is the process of defining, creating and providing information for the safe and effective use of various products, mainly technical systems, software and services. This information is most frequently distributed in the form of text and graphics or other indirect means of communication.

In practice, this means that the consumer is supplied with each product (ranging from flat-pack furniture that the customer can assemble at home on their own to an automated production line) together with an instruction manual. These manuals describe how to correctly bring the product into operation, how to install it or prepare it for use and consequently also how to use it safely.

Translation services are the natural partner for technical documentation, since many products are distributed worldwide and target customers need information in their mother tongue on how to use them safely and effectively. At Lexika, we have wide-ranging experience in translating all kinds of technical documentation – instruction manuals and user guides for the engineering, power and transport industries, and for health and information technologies.

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Michal Kmet
Michal Kmeť
Managing director

My first contact with the translation industry dates back to 1993 when my father founded LEXIKA and I was delivering documents to our translators on a bike. Over time, I worked at almost every position within the company. I was the president of the Association of Translation Companies of Slovakia for four years and I am currently a board member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies – EUATC. I never miss a chance to attend professional events in the translation and localisation industry. Together with my colleagues from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria I cofounded and organize Meet Central Europe.

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