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Customer benefits of using an ISO 17100-certified translation company

Simona Pralovska Ciferník17.03.2021 About Lexika Reading time: 2 min.
ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certification, translation company

LEXIKA translation company – a double-certified company in translation services and quality management.

In a March 2021 re-certification audit, we confirmed our quality standards with the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certifications.

What do these standards mean? What requirements must a translation meet? Why should a customer care whether a company is certified?

Stricter requirements encourage better services

The requirements aim to ensure that the customer will receive what they paid for – a high quality translation.

Among other things, a certified translation company must:

  • satisfy high demands on their translator, linguist and project manager qualifications;
  • utilize up-to-date technical equipment, including CAT tools and translation management systems;
  • facilitate complex translation processes including:
    • order analysis,
    • sending a transparent proposal,
    • selecting a suitable translator,
    • conducting quality assurance and other checks
    • and analysing customer feedback
  • and ensure and maintain information confidentiality.

Why choose ISO 17100-certified translations?

We recommend translations compliant with ISO 17100, especially if you need translations with strict requirements for accuracy and appropriate terminology, or translations for self-presentation.

Above all else, ISO 17100-compliant translations:

  • are completed by qualified translators and linguists who have the necessary experience and education;
  • employ the four-eyes principle—meaning that the translated text is always revised by a second, independent translator;
  • follow the terminology of the field in question, or the one utilized by the client;
  • make good use of modern software management tools;
  • ensure information security and confidentiality
  • and can be revisited at any time via careful archiving.

Our certifications are a mark of prestige

Michal Kmet, the Managing Director of Lexika, says “We pride ourselves on obtaining these certifications. This does not mean that we can now relax and simply admire the framed certificate on our wall for the next three years. Quite the contrary. We actively search for new challenges and opportunities to grow and develop. And who knows, in the future perhaps we might add on even more certifications. Our goal is to engage in honest and stable collaborations, ensuring our customers and vendors alike can always rely on us to be ready when they need us.”

Simona Pralovska
Simona Pralovska
Vendor manager

I began my journey at LEXIKA during my university days in 2017. LEXIKA, the people that form part of it, and the translation industry have grown on me since then. One of the day-to-day challenges I have to face is finding new talented translators. Furthermore, I take care of developing good and open relationships with our long-standing translators who make it possible for us to do what we love. Over time, I was put in charge of marketing activities and internal HR. I don’t have to worry about my job turning into a daily grind and I learn something new every day. :)

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