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Italian Translation and Interpreting

We provide reliable Italian translation services, which is best demonstrated by our satisfied customers. In their words, the most appreciated aspects of our cooperation are quality, speed and the reasonable price of translations and interpretation from Italian into English, German and other European languages.

We mostly translate into Italian from English and German but also from other world and European languages. And of course, we also provide translations from Italian into other languages. Therefore many companies trading in Italy or exporting Italian products to the rest of the world use our services.

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Why are we a preferred provider of Italian translations?

Each Italian translation is processed in compliance with the customer’s specific requirements. We respect agreed delivery deadlines and focus on a high quality translation or interpretation.

The most requested Italian translations include:

All in all, we provide translations across 120 fields, with the most demanded being engineering, automation of production, construction and automotive.

We are a preferred provider of Italian translations into various languages of Central and Eastern Europe for demanding corporate clients. This fact speaks of our dependability, professionalism and the high quality of delivered services.

The quality of our Italian translation services are best demonstrated by our references. Numerous regional and global companies have been using our services since 1993. We have provided them with tens of thousands of translation projects over more than 20 years.

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How do we do it?

Specialist translators

Our Italian translators work in more than 120 specialisations and we carefully select the most suitable linguist depending on the linguistic and terminological aspects of the original text.  You can always be sure that with LEXIKA, your translation is being work on by an expert in the given field.

International standards

Our quality management system is certified and annually audited according to ISO 9001 which guarantees systematic processing of all requirements and compliance with procedures. We always recommend translating texts in compliance with ISO 17100 and thus fulfil high quality requirements for translators, reviewers and the complete translation process.

Modern technologies

We use modern translation tools which make the process of translation more effective and ensure a higher standard of quality thanks to the consistent use of terminology and the possibility of reducing your translation costs.

Quality assurance

Although modern procedures and tools are used during quality assurance, we always make sure that each translation is checked by the expert eye of our quality controller. We check that terminology provided by the customer has been consistently used and that revision and proofreading were correctly carried out. We also check graphic layout as well as meeting any other specific customer requirements.

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Italian is a multifunctional language

Did you know that words such as replica, neutrino or graffiti have Italian origin? Nonetheless, almost everyone understands the typical Italian gesture – the palm of the hand turned upwards with the fingertips brought together. Italians are eloquent and talkative and they often communicate with the whole body. Non-verbal communication is nearly as important as verbal expressions.

Man sitting on a scooter and gesticulating

From field ploughing to language of the European Union

At first sight, it is about a person ploughing a white field with white bulls and sowing black seeds. In fact, it is a riddle describing his work. Bulls are the monk’s fingers, the plough is his pen and the seeds are nothing less than ink. The Veronese Riddle is considered one of the first written copies of early Italian.

Ink and feather quill pen

Italian in works of classics

It proved that Italian itself can be a fully-fledged language equal to Latin or other languages.

Small town Alberobello

Italian around the world

The term dialect should be used with caution because many of these varieties didn’t develop from Italian, but directly from Vulgar Latin. Therefore, they are often classified as independent languages alongside standard Italian. They often greatly differ in pronunciation, intonation or terms.


Finding your way in Italy

Italian uses articles to distinguish masculine and feminine gender so there must be a noun-adjective agreement. Various tongue twisters and poetic expressions such as precipitevolissimevolmente (very fast, suddenly) are popular.

Italians are very proud of their traditions, as shown in the proverb “Ad ogni uccello il suo nido è bello”, i.e. “East or west, home is best.” And a last point: if you drink coffee, ask for “un caffé”, not an espresso. Ciao!