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patent translation

A team of experts at the ready, or how to accomplish patent translations


Diverse and intensely specialised texts in 6 language pairs. Hundreds of standard pages per month. No margins for lateness or errors. Can we do it? Yes, we can.

The client:

A renowned patent and law firm that we have provided patent application translations for over the last five years.

The client provides patent and IP services in multiple areas, especially pharmacy, chemistry, medicine, engineering and IT.

These translated patents are submitted to either the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic or the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic.

What we delivered:

  • A variety of specialised translators
  • Converting text to editable formats
  • Translator-quality monitoring
  • Translations and revisions
  • Quality assurance of translations
  • Building a personalised translation memory and a glossary


English, German, French

upwards of

100,000 words
per month



file formats


tight deadline

Strict deadlines

The client must utilise the translation as soon as it’s delivered. Even a half-hour delay could be problematic.

THE SOLUTION: We adapted our process to the client’s needs. Every team member was assigned specific roles to avoid any idle time. If possible, the translation is delivered before the deadline.


Large monthly volumes

The amount of patents that require translating can be unpredictable, hence the need for a flexible solution.

THE SOLUTION: Our translation team and automated processes grant us flexibility even with large volumes. We translate patents utilising CAT tools – saving the client up to 70% on costs whenever the texts are updated.

terminology from different fields

Highly specialised texts and terminology

Knowledge of professional terminology and current trends are essential. Patents also depend on fixed phrases.

THE SOLUTION: We assembled a team of experienced translators who have worked with patents from a wide diversity of areas. The translators utilise standardised language and style in combination with expert terminology. This then grows our translation memory with each translated patent.

finished translation

Emphasising quality

The translated patents are submitted to the Slovak and Czech Republic Industrial Property Offices. They must be delivered in the highest quality.

THE SOLUTION: The finished translations undergo a quality assurance check to ensure they are error-free. The QA stage evaluates the completeness of the translation, correcting typos and double-checking the terminology defined by the client.

graphic design

Formatting, graphic design and final editing of each document

The client requires translations in a predefined graphic format to avoid editing them afterwards.

THE SOLUTION: Prior to translation, we edit the layout according to client's wishes. We also translate any text within the graphic elements and convert all measurements to the SI unit system. Furthermore, we ensure that any technical drawings, chemical formulae, schematics and graphs always remain in the correct place.