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LEXIKA – ISO 17100 certified provider of translation services

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At LEXIKA, we care about continuous quality improvement as well as delivering high-quality translation services to our clients. Therefore, we have been providing translation services in compliance with ISO 17100 standard for several years. To fulfil our aim and commitment to delivering high quality translations, we have undergone an audit of our processes and obtained a translation services providers certificate according to ISO 17100 standard. What does it mean to our clients, translators and, indeed, to us?

Advantages for the clients

Just like with the process of certifying other quality management systems, the ISO 17100 certification is only awarded to a translation company upon successful completion of an audit performed by an external auditor. The certificate is valid for three years on the condition of a successful annual inspection.

Although the certification does not provide unlimited assurance that the translation company will be an excellent service provider for everyone, it ensures a significantly higher probability that:

  • The translations requested will be delivered to a high quality.
  • The correct terminology will be used.
  • All texts will be translated and reviewed only by qualified and experienced translators.
  • All services required by the client will be delivered, including: translation, revision, spelling correction, and proofreading.
  • The safety and confidentiality of all processed data will be maintained at all times.

The duties we must fulfil

The above mentioned advantages for our clients are based on strict requirements that translation companies must meet and subsequently abide by in the case of certification according to ISO 17100. Such requirements include:

  • Mandatory revision of any translation

Apart from delivering the translation itself, a certified translation company must ensure that every translation is proofread by another translator – an impartial reviewer who must meet the same qualification requirements as the translator.

  • Qualification requirements on translators

Translators and reviewers alike must meet the criteria set out by the standard. The criteria concern the degree and the type of education as well as adequate work experience. All that must be clearly certified by diplomas.

  • Adequate technical conditions

Translation companies must have adequate and appropriate technical equipment in place to prepare the documents to be translated and subsequently processed, such as (CAT tools), and must be well equipped to provide additional services.

  • Confidentiality and security of information

Providers of translation services must have access to a translation storage system and be able to duly safeguard the security of all processed information.

Qualification requirements on translators

A translation can only be undertaken by translators, reviewers, and proof-readers who comply with at least the following requirements:

  • They have a degree in translation studies granted by a higher education institution or have an adequate work experience, or,
  • if they do not hold a higher academic degree, they must have at least two years of full-time professional experience.

In order to deliver high-quality translations, we have required the fulfilment of the said criteria and adding other requirements for many years.

On the occasion of undergoing a recertification audit based on the general ISO 9001 quality management system standard, we have also undergone an audit according to ISO 17100 standard. The inspection resulted in several positive findings, proving that we meet the high qualitative requirements placed on the processes and translation services delivered by our company.

The outcome of the audit confirmed our long-standing focus on providing high-quality translations and professional services. At LEXIKA, we are all convinced that high-quality work and compliance with the requirements mentioned above will be reflected in further improvement of our translation services and in the number of satisfied clients.

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