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Lukas Slovak

Lukáš Slovák

Project manager
I began my career at LEXIKA in 2016 as an assistant project manager and with some breaks in between, which I took to practice foreign languages and work in the U.S. and Italy, I finally got a translation and interpreting degree with a major in English and Italian. Later on, I moved to the position of a project manager. I had been translating more actively since 2014, but currently I have no time for it and I rather grab a well translated book (or the original version). My background allows me to process and oversee projects in detail and to respond to unusual requests coming from our clients. I enjoy speaking with translators about/on different “language” levels.

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illustration of interpeters during conference

Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting?

  • Lukáš Slovák
  • Ciferník03.05.2019
  • Reading time: 3 min.

Interpreting is often confused with translation, but as we explained in the previous article, the difference is that interpreters work with the spoken word, while translators work...