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Denisa Kytová

Denisa Kytová

Project manager
I started working at LEXIKA in 2017, shortly after getting a degree in translation and interpreting. I was overjoyed to be able to work in the field in which I majored. I work as a project manager and oversee the processing of projects, such as specialised (uncertified) translations, interpreting projects, and other related services. A pleasant and friendly atmosphere prevails in LEXIKA and while working, I learn a lot about the world of translation and interpreting, and it also helps me to grow as a person. (2020 Update: After more than two years, I decided to return to my home town, but I will always keep fond memories of LEXIKA and look forward to paying them a visit. I am happy and grateful that I could be part of the LEXIKA team.)

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How to build a company term glossary

  • Denisa Kytová
  • Ciferník15.05.2020
  • Reading time: 4 min.

We discussed the benefits of a company glossary in our previous article, in which we briefly explained what such a glossary actually is. In this article, we would like to...

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Future proof your translations: Recycle them

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  • Ciferník20.01.2020
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A company’s technical documentation almost always uses the same terminology, style and sentence structure. So every document can serve as a reference for the next one. If...

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What you should know before deciding on a CAT tool

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  • Ciferník17.05.2019
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Have you ever been looking for a term that you already translated, but you could not find it anywhere? Would you like to organize your translations database better and work more...

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Online Terminology Dictionaries for Translators

  • Denisa Kytová
  • Ciferník27.02.2019
  • Reading time: 5 min.

From a linguistic point of view, every specialised text has specific characteristics beginning with vocabulary and ending with the stylistics. When translating specialised texts,...