Stanislava Dengová

Stanislava Dengová

Project manager
I began working at LEXIKA as a recent graduate in translation and interpreting studies. At university I took a class in which we simulated a translation project thanks to which my vision for the future was clear – I wanted to work at a translation company after graduating. I am happy to have landed a job at LEXIKA where I have been working since then ?. I primarily oversee translation projects and communicate with our clients and translators. Sometimes I contribute to our internal documentation and since I am a certified memoQ trainer, I am in charge of our CAT tools and together with my colleagues I organize memoQ training courses for beginning and advanced translators.

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Comparison of CAT tools

3 most popular CAT tools compared

  • Stanislava Dengová
  • Ciferník04.02.2020
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In the last few years the number of translation software tools has grown rapidly. A great number of them are currently on the market, giving translators the dilemma of choosing...

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Translating with CAT tools – YES or NO?

  • Stanislava Dengová
  • Ciferník27.03.2019
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Whether you are an experienced translator or you just started, the idea of working with CAT tools has surely crossed your mind. You’re asking yourself: Will it really help me?...

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How to properly write formal emails in English

  • Stanislava Dengová
  • Ciferník05.07.2018
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Nowadays, emails are commonplace or even inevitable and many of us write work emails on a daily basis. We write them automatically, based on our habits and many times, we don’t...