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Medical technology translations

Translations are vital

We believe that every word in a medical technology translation matters. Be assured that your medical tools and devices will be used safely thanks to our high-quality translations.

Why choose LEXIKA:

✔ Translators with substantial experience in the field.

✔ Innovative software for quick and cost-effective translations.

✔ EMA compliant terminology.

✔ Sizable translations in a short timeframe.

✔ No extra charge for specialisation.

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Surgical precision in translations and quality control

Prior to delivering any translation, it will be subjected to multi-stage quality assurance that focuses on the tiniest details. Then, we revise the translated text, and a reviewer evaluates the terminology and grammar. These translations meet the ISO 17100 standard requirements.

EMA compliant terminology

Carefully selecting the translator is crucial to a good translation. Our medical technology translations are conducted by translators with years of industry experience. This ensures that the translations will meet the EMA requirements for the appropriate terminology.

We translate

We translate in diverse areas

These include surgery, neurology, immunology and virology, physiotherapy, gynaecology, veterinary medicine, dental medicine, etc.

Innovative solutions for you

We deliver translations using exclusively modern translation software. This maintains consistent terminology throughout the entire translation.

Furthermore, we start building a translation memory from your very first translation. This will save you time and money with each additional translation, especially with recurring texts.

We adapt to your deadlines

We apply modern technologies to your benefit. If necessary, we can even assign multiple translators concurrently to one project.

Working in translation software also enables us to coordinate the entire team and ensure unified terminology throughout the entire translation. Thus, even sizable translations are delivered in a short timeframe.

7 steps to secure translations at LEXIKA

documents to be translated

1. Send us the documents to be translated
We can process various file formats.


2. We analyse
your requirements
This helps us tailor-fit the translation process.


3. The text is translated by a specialised translator
They will have experience in the medical technology field.


4. The translation is revised by an expert reviewer
They ensure that the correct terminology has been used (ISO 17100 compliant translation).

internal quality assurance

5. The translation undergoes an internal review
We utilise modern quality assurance software.

graphic design

6. We fine-tune the graphics
The visuals will be adjusted to match the original document.

finished translation

Feel free to use the translation without further worries or edits.

Do you need a translation of medical technology documents?

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