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Slovenian Translation and Interpreting

At LEXIKA, we have been providing professional Slovenian translation and interpretation services for more than 25 years. Over the course of our market presence, we have delivered tens of thousands of translation projects to thousands of satisfied regional and global clients.

Our clients particularly appreciate the fact that top-quality of our services is our priority. Moreover, we take pride in our express delivery of translations and we provide all of our services at a reasonable price.

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Why contact LEXIKA for Slovenian translation services?

Every request for translation or interpreting is approached individually and we try to find the best solutions to match specific situations and clients. Our translations are always tailor-made to suit our client’s needs. We only cooperate with professional translators and use the latest translation tools.

Numerous references from the regional and global corporations valuing especially our professionalism, high quality services, and credibility in respecting agreed deadlines, are the proof of the quality of your services.

These are some of the reasons we became a preferred provider of translation and interpreting services for many corporations and natural persons.

We provide Slovenian translations of identity and official documents, and other documents from English, Germany, and other languages, as well as translations from Slovenian into world and European languages.

Our clients are mostly interested in Slovenian translations of legal documents, hence we specialise mainly in translating employment documents, extracts from the commercial registry and other identity, court or official documents.

However, we also provide economic and financial translations and we have a wealth of experience with technical documents and manuals.

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How do we do it?

Specialized Slovenian translators

Slovenian translations are always prepared by native speakers who are also experts in the given field. Our translators work in more than 120 fields of expertise. For every translation, we carefully select a linguist whose language skills and terminology best fit the particular translation project.

Certified translation services

Since 2009, our quality management system has been annually audited by TÜV SÜD – a renowned audit company – in accordance with ISO 9001. This audit guarantees the systematic processing of all requirements and compliance with the set procedures. We recommend our clients have their texts translated in compliance with ISO 17100, which imposes high quality requirements on translators and the entire translation process.

Modern technologies

To make translation more effective and to ensure higher quality, we use modern software tools. They allow our translators to work faster and help them ensure consistent terminology across the entire text.

Focus on quality assurance

Even though modern procedures and tools are used in the process of quality assurance, we always make sure that each translation is checked by our expert reviewer’s eye. They verify the correct use of the terminology defined by the client, check whether the translation, revision and proofreading were correctly carried out, check the graphic layout of the translation and the fulfilment of any specific requirements posed by our client.

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Slovenian – a parade of accents and dialects

Did you know that for native Slovenians written Slovenian is easier than its spoken version? The reasons for this are the homonyms, which are very frequent in Slovenian. Some words may sound the same, but their meaning is completely different.  It’s caused by variable stress, which is usually placed at the end of the word. Also, some vowels are silent in spoken communication.

Even though Slovenia is a small country, there are 7 dialects in use and they’re divided into 7 groups.  From all of the Slavic languages, Slovenian has the biggest number of dialects – 46.


The reason for this diversity is the settlement pattern of the past. Originally, there were four language groups in Slovenia – Slavic, Romance, Germanic, and Finno-Ugric. Every region had a specific climate, forest cover or valleys. Even today, Slovenia is known for its natural and cultural diversity. Also, it’s not far to travel from the seaside to an area with an alpine climate. However, in the past, these specifics greatly reduced contact between people and consequently, the languages of these regions have also become peculiar when it comes to pronunciation and grammar. Some dialects are incomprehensible to people from other regions.

Lake Bled in Slovenia

Heart-shaped road in Maribor

The oldest of all Slavic languages

Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia. As a minority language, it is used in Italy, Hungary, and Austria, but also in the U.S., Argentina, and Australia. It uses the Latin alphabet with 25 letters.

Predjama Castle