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Pre-press proofreading

Every detail matters.

Perfect texts deserve perfect visuals. Why leave anything to chance?

Our experienced proofreaders will refine your text down to the last pixel. Every detail will be double-checked so that each element and character ends up in the right space.

What are the advantages of pre-press proofreading?

  • Detailed check by fresh eyes
  • Pristine, print-ready text
  • Correctly placed graphic elements

When is it appropriate to order pre-press proofreading?

We recommend it for all texts that will be printed:

  • marketing materials
  • leaflets, brochures
  • manuals, instructions
  • product catalogues
  • company presentations etc.
Are you interested?

What is pre-press proofreading?

Pre-press proofreading is the review of the graphic aspects of the text right before printing. Small imperfections can be transferred into the text via wrapping, formatting and anchoring.

The proofreader closely reads the text line-by-line, page-by-page, and corrects any issues that may have resulted from working with the text.

Simply put, it’s the final proofreading before the text goes to print.

Pre-press proofreading can be ordered as a bundle with translations, or as a standalone service. In addition to pre-press proofreading, we also offer general proofreading.

What is the focus of pre-press proofreading?

  • typos
  • incorrect word breaks at the end of lines
  • prepositions and conjunctions at the end of lines
  • text anchoring
  • header and footer, page numbers
  • undeleted segments of the original text
  • correct placement of graphic elements
  • coherent font style and size

Do you need pre-press proofreading?

Leave us a message with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote