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Translation that draws attention.

High quality texts deliver results. To attract customers abroad, your texts must be eye-catching and distinctive. Transcreation can achieve this.

Why choose LEXIKA?

✔ Professional translators with experience in many fields.

✔ Copywriters – naturally creative native speakers.

✔ Pre-press proofreading and testing for perfect texts.

✔ Due dates based on your needs.

✔ Final graphics and formatting.

Are you interested?

What is transcreation?

Creative translation, creative text editing and stylistic proofreading can all be classified as transcreation.

First, your text is translated and reviewed by experienced translators. Then, the translation is refined by a native speaker with a nuanced understanding of the target language and the country.

We utilise your marketing brief throughout the process. This allows us to understand your company’s mission and put ourselves in your customers’ shoes. We thereby preserve the desired tone and emotion in the final text.

Native speakers enhance effective campaigns

Translations become more impactful and natural thanks to proofreading by a native speaker of the target language.

A native speaker has intimate knowledge of the target country’s linguistic customs, and they subtly adapt the final texts to the target culture and audience.

Furthermore, we always consult our most creative translators and copywriters to give your translation a stylistic kick.

Translation feast for the eyes and ears

Marketing texts are only fully realised when complemented by impressive visuals.

We graphically design the translated texts according to your requirements. The graphics will be generated with specialised software depending on each project, such as InDesign, QuarkXpress or FrameMaker.

Refined to the last pixel

Text wrapping, graphic editing and digital publishing can all transfer small imperfections into the text. For example, incorrect word breaks can appear at the end of a line, or text could spill over from a button on a website.

Pre-press proofreading and web testing will make short work of these imperfections.

Creative translation is suitable for:

  • advertising campaigns
  • websites
  • social media posts
  • product descriptions
  • PR and promotional articles
  • blogs
  • slogans
  • newsletters
  • leaflets
  • brochures
  • additional marketing texts

When do you need transcreation?

Transcreation is often ordered by companies expanding abroad, as well as marketing agencies preparing advertising campaigns and websites for their clients.

It is easily the most sought-after service for marketing text translations.

Transcreation vs copywriting – the difference

Transcreation works with a text that already exists. The basic rule of transcreation is not to translate individual words, but rather to convey the overall idea.

Copywriting means the creation of an original text in the given language.

Do you need transcreation?

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