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Certified interpreting

We will choose a certified interpreter according to your needs.

Certified interpreting is usually requested for official acts at the registry, in court, on the occasion of marriage or during driving tests.

It can only be provided by an interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

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Certified interpreting

Certified interpreting is a consecutive interpreting provided by a ministry-appointed interpreter. It is also called gradual interpreting because the spoken text is interpreted in parts or sentences into the target language.

It is most commonly requested during hearings, registry acts, testimonies in front of law enforcement authorities, general meetings or meetings of companies with foreign interest. One interpreter covers one language pair.

What is certified interpreting like?

The interpreter usually stands close to the speaker. After a few minutes, usually after expressing a whole idea, the speaker leaves space for the interpreter to interpret the content into the target language. 

After longer time intervals, the interpreter can make special notes in order to correctly transfer the meaning. Interpretation equipment is not necessary. Certified interpreters can prove their appointment by a license issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

Languages and the interpreting venue

The most commonly interpreted languages are English and German. But we also provide interpreting European and non-European language in combination with Slovak and Czech or another language in Slovakia and abroad.

Reservation of interpreting

In case of interpreting of wedding ceremonies, we recommend you to reserve an interpreter in advance. In the wedding season (May to September) our interpreters are quite busy. We provide certified interpreting in Slovakia and abroad.

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