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Michal Simurka

Michal Šimurka

I began my internship at LEXIKA in 2020. As I am wrapping up my translation and interpreting degree, I am overjoyed to have the possibility to translate and work with professionals in the industry even before I finish my studies. My responsibilities here are fairly simple: translate, learn, and translate some more.

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The History of Translation Through the Ages

The history of translation through the ages

  • Michal Šimurka
  • Ciferník09.02.2021
  • Reading time: 4 min.

Much like many other massive worldwide phenomena, translation is inextricably linked to its history. It stands for us to marvel at, but also to learn from its mistakes. And...

translations are important all around the world

The importance of translation

  • Michal Šimurka
  • Ciferník20.11.2020
  • Reading time: 5 min.

The concept of translation and its importance can be somewhat hazy. After all, nearly everyone speaks English in this day and age. What needs to be said or written can be done in...