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Contract translation

The written letter remains. Every little detail matters in contracts.

Entrust your contract translations to professionals. Our translations can be ordered easily online.

Why choose LEXIKA:

✔ We maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding sensitive information.

✔ Qualified translators experienced in law documentation.

✔ ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certifications.

✔ Translations with a comprehensive review process.

✔ Software that saves your time and money.

✔ No extra charge for specialisation.

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Utmost confidentiality

All of our employees and translators sign binding non-disclosure agreements. Our IT facilities are kept up-to-date to ensure the highest security of your information.

Multi-stage quality assurance

A single word or typo can radically change the meaning of your text. This is why all of our translations are subject to quality assurance check. The slightest inaccuracies in grammar, terminology or visual presentation will be found and corrected.

Quality assurance is conducted by our proofreaders and project managers, with the aid of state-of-the-art software.

We translate all types of contracts:

  • trade contracts
  • sales contracts
  • deeds of gift
  • employment contracts
  • cooperation contracts
  • licensing agreements
  • property transfer agreements
  • etc.

Terminology compliant with legislature

We carefully select specialised translators to translate your legal texts. Their years of experience guarantee the optimal use of terminology. We are also happy to incorporate your preferred terms into the translation.

Software that benefits you

We utilise state-of-the-art translation tools that help save your time and money should you need to translate multiple similar contracts. This also ensures consistent terminology across all of your texts.

7 steps to reliable translations at LEXIKA

documents to be translated

1. Send us the documents
to be translated

We can process many file formats.


2. We analyse
your requirements

We determine the details and tailor the process to your needs.


3. A professional linguist translates your contract
We only work with qualified and professional translators.


4. The translation is revised by a second linguist
The reviewer evaluates the terminology and grammar (ISO 17100 compliant translation).

internal quality assurance

5. We conduct our internal quality assurance
This is conducted utilising state-of-the-art software.

graphic design

6. We refine the visual aspect if needed
The translation will be polished according to your wishes.

finished translation

Feel free to use the translation without any worry.

Do you need a contract translation?

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