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Audit report translation

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We have over 25 years of experience translating audits. Order your translation online and from the comfort of your office with just a few clicks.

Advantages of LEXIKA:

✔ We use both industry standard and custom terminology.

✔ We send your translations to the most experienced translator.

✔ We deliver the translation at your convenience.

✔ We use modern software to ensure top-quality translations.

✔ We make sure to keep your personal information safe.

✔ We do not charge extra for specialisation.

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Is your deadline close?

We will always tailor the delivery to your needs. We can have multiple translators working on the project simultaneously. Thus, even substantial audit reports can be translated quickly.

Thanks to our translation software, we maintain unified terminology throughout the entire text and among multiple translators.

Selecting the right translator is crucial

We collaborate with hundreds of translators who specialise in numerous fields and languages. Based on careful analyses of the text, we select a translator with experience in the desired fields.

The translator will use industry standard terminology in your translation. Furthermore, if you wish to use your company’s terminology, we will share it with the translator to be used in your translations.

We translate all documents related to audits:

  • audit reports,
  • financial statements,
  • annual reports,
  • financial reports,
  • inspection reports,
  • certificates,
  • audit plans,
  • declarations of conformity,
  • contracts,
  • internal guidelines,
  • standard operating procedures,
  • etc.

Your data is secure

All of our collaborators are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. Authorised personnel can only access the provided information for a limited time.

Our IT system settings ensure that your data will never appear in search engines or online translation software services.

We care about quality

We conduct our internal quality assurance testing prior to delivering any translation. This is overseen by our project managers and internal reviewers.

Their attention to detail, together with our quality assurance software, spots even the smallest nonconformities.

7 steps to high-quality translations at LEXIKA

documents to be translated

1. Send us your audit report for translation
We can process various file formats.


2. We analyse
your requirements
This helps us customise the process.


3. A professional translator delivers the translation
They have experience in the specific field.


4. The translation is revised by a reviewer
They ensure the use of correct terminology and grammar (ISO 17100 compliant translation).

internal quality assurance

5. The translation undergoesa final internal review
This is conducted with our quality assurance tools.

graphic design

6. We format the graphics of your text
We fine-tune the translation according to your needs.

finished translation

Feel free to use the translation without additional worries or changes.

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