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Accounting translation

We understand the numbers.

Every decimal point matters in the financial world. This makes reliable and accurate translations are crucial for accounting. Order your professional translation today from the comfort of your office.

Why choose LEXIKA:

✔ Translators with experience in the accounting and taxes fields.

✔ Terminology compliant with international standards.

✔ Strict confidentiality of provided information.

✔ Thorough, multi-stage quality assurance.

✔ Software that saves you time and money.

✔ No extra charge for specialisation.

Are you interested?

Your data is in safe hands

We regularly update our IT systems to ensure the reliable protection of your sensitive data. Furthermore, all of our employees and translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

Checking the finest details

A mistake in the numbers or an incorrect decimal point can lead to completely different figures on the balance sheets. Lexika does not leave anything to chance. Every translation is carefully reviewed using modern software tools and across multiple steps prior to delivery.

Then, quality assurance is conducted by our proof-readers, project managers and internal reviewers.

We translate accounting and tax documents, such as:

Industry standards compliant terminology

Your translation will be completed by professional, specialised translators. They comply with the official terminology based on IFRS, US GAAP, German and other national accounting standards.

We have experience in the areas of financial and payroll accounting, as well as international tax law and auditing.

Software that benefits you

Our translation software allows us to build a specialised translation memory for you from the very first project. This ensures consistency across all of your translations, should you decide to use our services again in a week, a month, or even a year. These technologies save your time and budget by making translations faster and more efficient.

The path towards an error-free translation at LEXIKA

documents to be translated

1. Send us the documents to be translated
We can process various file formats.


2. We analyse
your requirements
This information will help us customise the translation process.


3. A professional translator delivers the translation
They have experience in the accounting field.


4. A reviewer proofreads the translation
They evaluate the terminology and grammar (ISO 17100 compliant translation).

internal quality assurance

5. The translation undergoes another, internal review
The focus here is on figures and decimal points.

graphic design

6. We take care of the visual aspect if needed
We polish the translation according to your wishes.

finished translation

Feel free to use the translation without additional worries or changes.

Do you need a translation of your accounting documents?

Leave us a message with your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a quote