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Stanislava Dengová Ciferník08.06.2016 Reading time: 1 min.

We have worked with Lexika to the complete satisfaction of all parties concerned for a number of years. Polite communication, a flexible approach and, most importantly, professionalism – these are the values that we highly value in our partnership. Our long-term cooperation has also brought further benefits, including knowledge of the difficult foreign technical terminology of the construction and power sectors in which SAG Elektrovod operates. We look forward to further smooth cooperation.

Stanislava Dengová
Stanislava Dengová
Project manager

I began working at LEXIKA as a recent graduate in translation and interpreting studies. At university I took a class in which we simulated a translation project thanks to which my vision for the future was clear – I wanted to work at a translation company after graduating. I am happy to have landed a job at LEXIKA where I have been working since then :). I primarily oversee translation projects and communicate with our clients and translators. Sometimes I contribute to our internal documentation and since I am a certified memoQ trainer, I am in charge of our CAT tools and together with my colleagues I organize memoQ training courses for beginning and advanced translators.

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