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Stanislava Dengová Ciferník08.06.2016 Reading time: 1 min.

As a major global producer of plant protection products, DuPont has used the translation services provided by Lexika to its utmost satisfaction in the scope of authorisation processes in a number of EU and non-EU countries for many years. The effective EU zone regulation model (Regulation EC No. 1107/2009) requires a significantly interactive approach, and despite English being the universal language in the field, the authorisation conclusions and assessments are drawn up strictly in national languages, which requires a high-quality and cross-cutting translation service.

Stanislava Dengová
Stanislava Dengová
Project manager

I began working at LEXIKA as a recent graduate in translation and interpreting studies. At university I took a class in which we simulated a translation project thanks to which my vision for the future was clear – I wanted to work at a translation company after graduating. I am happy to have landed a job at LEXIKA where I have been working since then :). I primarily oversee translation projects and communicate with our clients and translators. Sometimes I contribute to our internal documentation and since I am a certified memoQ trainer, I am in charge of our CAT tools and together with my colleagues I organize memoQ training courses for beginning and advanced translators.

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