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Livia Moravcikova

Lívia Moravčíková

Project manager
I began working at LEXIKA as a university student in 2006. Back then e-mail communication was teething and the fax was a common means of communication. The familial atmosphere has grown on me and I took a liking to LEXIKA. I spent several years working at the front desk overseeing certified translations. I later became a project manager. Currently, I take care of specialized translations, interpreting projects, and other language services. I have been working in our fantastic team for the longest period of time. Moreover, I take care of training new employees and creating our internal documentation to keep track of our activity for everyone. ?

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The handiest CAT tool features

The handiest CAT tool features

  • Lívia Moravčíková
  • Ciferník28.07.2020
  • Reading time: 5 min.

In this series of articles about CAT tools, we’ve already explained their advantages and dispelled some of the myths, presented the big players on the market and looked into the...