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Banking sector translation

Translation in the financial field, accurate to the decimal point.

All it takes is one small inaccuracy or an incorrect decimal point to throw your figures into disarray. Leave your translations to the experts.

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Advantages of LEXIKA:

✔ Translators with knowledge in the financial field.

✔ Quick and cost-effective translation thanks to modern software.

✔ Multi-step quality assurance.

✔ Industry standard or custom terminology.

✔ Strict confidentiality of provided information.

✔ No extra charge for specialisation.

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Your figures are in safe hands

Thanks to our modern IT system, you can rest assured that your information won’t appear in online translation software services or search engines.

All of our collaborators are bound by confidentiality, and they can only access the information provided for a limited time period.

Checking to the last decimal point

Even the value of the number 1,400 is quite different between Slovak and English. We ensure that your figures and currencies are translated correctly.

Every translation is carefully reviewed in multiple stages prior to delivery. Furthermore, quality assurance is overseen by our proofreaders, internal reviewers and project managers utilising modern software tools.

We translate diverse financial documents:

Choose an expert translation

We collaborate with hundreds of translators who specialise in numerous fields and languages. Each translator undergoes a careful vetting process.

Your translation will be conducted by a translator with experience in the field of economics and finance. Our translations use either industry standard terminology, or one that you prefer.

Software to avoid cost overruns

Our specialised translators also utilise specialised software to deliver your translations. This helps prevent additional costs in recurring texts.

We start building a translation memory from the initial project onwards. This results in faster translations that are easier on your budget.

7 steps to reliable translations at LEXIKA

documents to be translated

1. Send us the documents to be translated
We can process various file formats.


2. We analyse
your requirements
This helps us customise the translation process.


3. Thedocuments are sent to a professional translator
They have experience in the fields of economics and finance.


4. The translation is revised by an expert reviewer
They verify the use of the terminology and the figures (ISO 17100 compliant translation).

internal quality assurance

5. We review your translation one more time
We double-check all of the figures prior to delivery.

graphic design

6. We finalise
the graphics
We adjust the visuals according to your needs.

finished translation

Feel free to use the translation without any worries.

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