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How to build a company term glossary

Denisa Kytová Ciferník15.05.2020 Obláčik0

We discussed the benefits of a company glossary in our previous article, in which we briefly explained what such a glossary actually is. In this article, we would like to...

benefits of having a company glossary

4 benefits of having a company term glossary

Michal Kmeť Ciferník06.02.2020 Obláčik0

Appropriately chosen expressions, style and the use of uniform terminology all help to maintain the internal and external logic of your written presentation. Consistent use of...

Recycle your previous translations

Future proof your translations: Recycle them

Denisa Kytová Ciferník20.01.2020 Obláčik0

A company’s technical documentation almost always uses the same terminology, style and sentence structure. So every document can serve as a reference for the next one. If...

Businessman short on a deadline

How to get an express translation done easily

Lukáš Slovák Ciferník05.09.2019 Obláčik0

You might have found yourself in a situation where you need a translation to be done urgently, or even almost “on the spot”. But did you manage to get that done without...

pencil with lightbulb on its end_concept of creative writing

What Is Transcreation and When To Use It?

Lukáš Slovák Ciferník26.08.2019 Obláčik0

In this article, we’ll talk about the difference between an “ordinary” translation and transcreation and we’ll also look at how transcreation shouldn’t be...

illustration of interpeters during conference

Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpreting?

Lukáš Slovák Ciferník03.05.2019 Obláčik0

Interpreting is often confused with translation, but as we explained in the previous article, the difference is that interpreters work with the spoken word, while translators work...

hands holding blank paper

What is a standard page?

Michal Kmeť Ciferník15.02.2019 Obláčik0

‘Standard page’ means a standardised page containing 1,800 characters (including spaces), which is used to measure the length of a text. The constant 1,800 is defined by the...